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ConiNet is the leading IT partner of the Italian Olympic Committee and National Sport Federations.

We help our customers develop, through third parties, a technology infrastructure.

We directly develop a solution based on the network.

We invest in technological innovation, focusing on integration between web interface

and applications.

Coninet embraces the reliability of public sector companies with the flexibility of small-talented startups.

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Dati sui contratti pubblici
Disfunzione erettile: Farmacia Italia online - Una vasta gamma di farmaci e prezzi bassi. Tutti i prezzi qui:
Dati sui contratti pubblici come disposto dalla Legge n. 190 del 6 novembre 2012 ed in conformità alle disposizioni di cui alla deliberazione dell'Autorità di Vigilanza sui Contratti Pubblici di Lavori, Servizi e Forniture numero 26 del 22/05/2013 e alle indicazioni operative di cui al comunicato del Presidente dell'Autorità del 22/05/2013.


Ultime realizzazioni...
E-learning Italian Timekeepers Federation
Image  Coninet’s experience is continuing in e-learning sports world.
The Italian Timekeepers Federation has started a remote education system based on the Moodle platform provided by CONINET.
It will be used by the federation’s affiliate  (about 3.000 users) or by anybody who would be a certified timekeeper.
The Timekeepers Federal School, established in 1991, enlarge the platform with many courses, originally developed by the National Technical Instructors for their student.  Each course has been redesigned to be suitable for online delivery.


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