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Coninet S.p.A was founded by CONI Servizi S.p.A. (45%), ACI Informatica S.p.A(45%) and Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (10% ) in July 2004, to support the development of Information Technology within the Italian Olympic Commitee  and the 43 Sports Federation. The goal is to offer services to the the 3 milions of sport clubs affiliates who represent the Italian Sports World.


In the past years, in a joint effort with ACI informatica and SIPnet, all the branches of Italian Olympic Committe and some offices of Sports Federations were connected to form a national sports intranet.

Several applications were then made available to improve the the speed and reliability of the adminstration processes, such as affiliation  and sport clubs register.

Today we are integrating the backoffice activities with the internet frontend to allow the online access to game results, competition calendar and  affiliation status.


We belive that, in order to cope with innovation, we have to integrate technology into the sport environment using innovative approaches to address the needs of the athletes, coaches, trainers empowering them to take control over the technology.

In our vision a key success factor is to balance between the simplicity of the human interface and the complexity of the techologiy adopted.

Even if the technology is not a panacea for all the needs, it can simplify and expedite the management of the sports system.

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